It’s a dream come true pasta is back in our cupboard! After trying several different kinds of rice pasta over the past year, we finally found one that tastes like the real deal. It’s called Pastariso Rice Pasta made by Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods. What’s so amazing about this rice pasta is the texture. It doesn’t get mushy at all. You can taste a little flavoring from the rice base, but when you add a meat sauce it tastes phenomenal. It’s a perfect option when you have to whip up a quick dinner and have leftovers for lunch. How to cook: Instructions are on the back of the bag. Read them carefully because if you over cook the pasta it will be mushy. I found it best to cook for 8 ½ minutes with boiling water the entire time. Check out Maplegroves Facebook page. They are good about having coupons or samples to try their products. Check out this one going on!