easy gluten free piet crust to makeOkay so I’m being honest here, when it comes to making pie crust from scratch I literally break into a cold sweat. However, this all changed  when I noticed Namaste’s pie crust mix sitting on the shelf at our local grocery store. I don’t want you to think that I’m wimping out here, but when I researched how to make a gluten, soy and dairy free pie crust I got a lot of mixed reviews and all kinds of ingredients to purchase. I almost gave up until I saw Namaste’s baking mix. “Okay fine,” I mumbled to myself as I purchased the big bag of mix for $9.99. "It's an investment that better work out or I’ll be swearing that I could have done something else with my $9.99."

Recipe directions for the pie crust are on the side. You'll need an egg, water, and oil. That's it. You mix it all together and plan on getting your hands sticky but believe me it's worth it. The pie crust was AMAZING! Miracles do happen! I still can't believe how great it tastes and the texture can stand up to any pie crust loaded with lard and flour. It's time to eat pie!

Special thanks to Erin and Mike for giving me peaches from their tree!